The Rent Smart Rental Process

30 minutes free

Let’s talk about how you want to live in Hong Kong.

The first step is a 30 minutes FREE consultation that allows the Rent Smart team and you, to consider if the support available, suits your needs and personal situation.

Hong Kong offers over 18 different precincts, each with their own beauty, amenity and convenience. Let’s not get that wrong for you !

The bottom line is no matter what you do after the 30 minutes …. You will come away better informed and more aware of what to do in Hong Kong around your rent or buy property decisions.

30 minutes well invested

Let’s consider your future home.

To make the most of the 30 minutes, be ready to discuss how you live and what type of lifestyle makes you and your family happy.

What is your household type ? How does work and home interact for you ? What sorts of living spaces do you need ? What sort of support do you need for your household ? Let’s talk about furniture, living areas and kitchens ! Are you sports active ? Community service oriented ? Do you have a car ? Boat ? More than one car ? An art collector ?

By understanding how you live, we can recommend the best location and home format that will suit your lifestyle.

Best of all at the end of 30 minutes, the Rent Smart team can provide for you a detailed project brief with a cost agreement for your consideration.

So no costs before the consultation. No costs after the consultation. Only costs once you know and understand the service.



You share the vision, we will do the detail.

After your first 30 minutes FREE meeting with Rent Smart and we agree to work together, there’s a straight forward journey we will embark on together. The whole process can be managed by Rent Smart or you may choose to undertake a few steps yourself, with some guidance. It’s up to you.


After deciding that we will work together, Rent Smart will work with you on a written brief, so we can be sure we absolutely understand how you want to live and what we will find for you.

To bring the brief together, we will talk about all sorts of things about your life and how you work, rest and play. We will also discuss and agree the fee for our services, so everything is crystal clear up front. Clients enjoy the process of the brief as we get the opportunity to talk about what you love and what you hope to change and bring into your life in Hong Kong.

With an agreed brief, the fun begins. The Rent Smart team gets to work to find a range of properties that meet or are very close to delivering the lifestyle you are hoping for. We go over hundreds of locations across the areas of Hong Kong that meet your lifestyle preferences. Some properties are those you would find with an online search. Many however are those that haven’t yet made it to a listing or have come off the market. Our Rent Smart network is part of the value in our service.

Rent Smart will need a few weeks to do this research and we will present to you a shortlist of opportunities. This first shortlist may not have your ideal option yet. Often it does and sometimes, clients find a number of the shortlist would be perfect.

As part of the shortlist, we will talk you through the options that your preferred locations present. Some properties have exactly the space and location, however contract terms and landlord expectations may not align. We also guide you through the aspects of the local community and related transport issues. It is important to understand that your next rental is about more than just the property itself.

As we progress on a smaller list of options, Rent Smart will start negotiating with landlords and agents around the lease terms, rental fees, other fees and terms and conditions. Hong Kong like many big cities has some nuances around these areas that often seem unusual to new residents of Hong Kong.

An exciting part of the journey is the site visit. Rent Smart is available to do site visits on your behalf and live stream or video space for you. Or we can go together. If you choose to go alone, we can advise you on what to look for, what to ask and what could be a deal maker or breaker.

A site visit is really important in the process to ensure you get a sense of how space actually feels once you are inside it. In Hong Kong real estate listings, there is often a small amount of information. Some don’t even have photography or floorplans. We will make sure you understand the property’s ‘real’ benefits, and it’s space and liveability.

All too often, people looking for their new rental are strongly encouraged to sign quickly. It’s not uncommon in Hong Kong that some conditions are included in leases that present a significant downside for the lessee. Rent Smart will ensure you don’t face these issues. There’s also risks related to local area factors such as transport, infrastructure issues and social issues.

Residential leases in Hong Kong differ substantially to lease contracts in other countries. This includes but is not limited to real estate letting agents fees, Government revenue charges, building management fees and lease durations and exit clauses. It can be mine field even for the seasoned Hong Kong renter. Many leases favour the landlord and when rental demand out strips supply, landlords are reluctant to bend or compromise. We know the pitfalls and are able to protect your best interests, even in extreme cases, we are able to highlight the risks so at the very least you are able to make ‘well informed’ decisions.

Rent Smart can project manage your uplift and delivery process as well. Coordinating removal companies from start to finish or for just the arrival. Furniture and household effects packaging and collection, installation including placement and home styling can also be managed. Sometimes you have everything you need for your new home. Or you may be missing a few pieces that will really help settle you and your family in. We can source, recommend and install items that will complete your new home.

Should you be facing a short period requiring temporary accommodation or interim rental, Rent Smart can also assist with a serviced apartment, short stay hotel booking or AirBnB and interim storage if needed.

Once you are settled, Move Smart Now will be in touch to check that all has progressed as you had hoped. It’s just our way of making sure you are able to make the most of Hong Kong living.

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In just 30 minutes, Jo can talk you through the in’s and out’s of renting in Hong Kong. You choose how to meet – in person, over Zoom or on the phone. There’s no costs before the consultation. No costs after the consultation. Only costs once you know and understand the service. NO SURPRISES!

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