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speed, the beauty, and the
culture. Make your home move,
Hong Kong offers
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Put decades of experiences to work for you.

Appoint an expert to assist you in renting or buying.

The first time you have to rent in Hong Kong can be challenging. Especially if you don’t speak Cantonese. Sadly, it can be frustrating and expensive whether it’s your first, second or third rental in Hong Kong.

Times are changing however, so now it’s even more important to avoid the traps and make the best decision about where you want to live and what budget you spend. 

Save time on searching through rental listings. We’ll build you a shortlist that meets your needs and guide you through the process.

Let an expert advisor act on your behalf and avoid all the pitfalls, frustrations and risks.


Exceptional end-to-end tailored service

Rent Smart is a tenant rental specialist offering an end to end residential renting service in Hong Kong. We act for tenants, assisting anyone dealing with a local move.


No cost, no fuss 30 minutes, worth it’s weight in gold

When taking on a rental, you need people working to help you achieve your goals. That’s rare for anyone making renting decisions. We don’t list properties but create lists for you based on your brief. So spend 30 minutes to understand how it works.

Rent Smart is part of the community in Hong Kong.

Jo’s international sports background and sports engagement today, sees Jo and the team connected to business, social and families communities.

These insights are so useful when making decisions about where to buy or rent.


In your FREE 30 minutes, you will get the chance to discuss how you live and what type of lifestyle makes you and your family happy.



Rent Smart will work with you on a written brief, so we can understand how you want to live.



Rent Smart will find a range of properties that meet or are very close to delivering the lifestyle you are hoping for.



We will talk you through the options that your preferred locations present.



A site visit is really important in the process to get a true understanding of the home.



Rent Smart can negotiate with landlords and agents on your behalf.



All the information explained before you sign any documentation.


Introducing Jo

Jo Bell founded Rent Smart Tenant Rental Specialists, part of the Rent.Buy.Move group, to help professionals and expatriates get through all their Hong Kong property renting projects, easily and effectively, allowing them to focus on work and family time.

Jo and the team provide end to end support in sourcing, negotiating and securing the perfect property for you. They don’t offer random listings. Rather give you shortlists to consider.

This woman has the heart of a lion
and will always fight for what’s right.

She is loyal and possesses a strict moral compass. At the crux of it,
Jo is one of the good guys. With Jo on your side, you’ll have the best chance of success.

Leanne Segedin, Founder Healthy Urban Blends

Lets catch up

Here’s what 30 minutes on mobile, over zoom or over a coffee, could do for you : 

  • Find an area that meets your lifestyle preferences
  • Match a community to your household  
  • Consider the lifestyle options within each precinct of Hong Kong 
  • Get a sense of transport options and timings depending on your location
  • Get an insight into the impact of each precincts amenity and lifestyle preferences
  • Understand the nuances of Hong Kong rental
  • Appreciate the format and approach of most Hong Kong landlords
  • Understand the limitations of Hong Kong lease contracts 
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